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21 is the most popular casino game in the world and can be found and played in both online casinos.

Our Black Jack section offers you everything you need to know to get started with this wonderful game. Beginners can learn the rules of the game or use the strategy chart to master the best moves. Advanced players can gain insight into the fascinating art of card counting.

Players of all levels can also enjoy our free Flash game, where you can play in a real casino atmosphere, similar to real life.

So come in and visit the page that best suits your needs.

Black jack rules

Blackjack, or 21, as it is often called, is one of the most famous casino games in existence. You do not play against other players at the table. Ultimately, the cards decide the outcome. You need your hand to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, but not over 21.

Card Values

Black jack card values are simple. Cards numbered 2 through 9 are worth the number they are. There are no alternative meanings or representations for these cards. The Ace can be taken as a 1 or an 11, depending on the wishes of the player or dealer. The face cards (Prince, Queen, King) all represent 10. For example, the player will win if he gets a Queen and an Ace, since the total value is 21. The suits and colours of the cards do not matter in the game.

Process of the game

The method of the game is quite simple. Once each player’s bets are placed on the table, the dealer will deal them the initial 2 cards face up. The dealer will also deal himself, but his cards will be face down. He will then turn over one of the cards to reveal its value.

There, the dealer will start from the first base on his left and ask each of the players which move they wish to make next. Each player will decide if they can get closer to 21 than the dealer, based on their two initial cards and the one shown by the dealer. The player may decide that they wish to choose HIT (draw another card), STAND (hold their initial two cards), DOUBLE (double their bet and draw only one more card) or SPLIT (split their hand) if they have two identical cards (create two separate hands).

Once all players have reached their desired total, the dealer will turn over his second card. If it is below 17, he will draw another card until he reaches 17 or he will BUST. Once the dealer has taken all his cards, the value of the dealer’s cards is compared to the players’ cards and the winner is announced. If the dealer has 21, all players lose unless a player has also made 21.


A small comment on splitting games. If a player is dealt two of a kind, for example two eights, he can split his game and play two separate hands at the same time. 16 is a lousy hand in Blackjack because it is unlikely to win and the chances of busting are high if a card is drawn. This is why splitting cards can be helpful to have two hands of 8. This allows each hand to receive another card and increases the chances of success.


In conclusion, the rules and dynamics of black jack are simple to learn. You have to get closer to the number 21 than the dealer, that’s the premise. If you have 16 or more, it is recommended that you choose to STAND. Any number less than 16, then call another (HIT). At first, the game can be a little intimidating, but once you learn the dynamics of Blackjack, it can be the most profitable card game in the casino.

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