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They began as a variant of “Five Card Poker”, but as they grew in importance and fame they began to include more games, such as Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. Today, the number of options and game variations is overwhelming.

Poker variations

However, Five Card Poker remains the most common type of game. In this variety, the payout starts with the pair of Jacks. Other recognised variants include ‘Tens or Better’ (the minimum payout starts with a pair of tens) and ‘Deuces Wild’ (where the two card is a joker and can represent any value).

It has become so famous because, as with online card games, it allows more timid players to eliminate the confrontational aspect of the live version of the game. Players are often threatened and intimidated at the live tables, so it gives less dominant players the chance to use their skills and techniques against a computer. In that sense, it requires slightly less skill, but still offers a realistic simulation of the real card game, albeit without chips, table and physical cards.

It might be thought that as in all computer programmes the simulation of the game is controlled by the casino, it can be manipulated. However, the Nevada Gaming Commission seeks to ensure that all casinos adopt a fully randomised programme for their machines to avoid any fixes before it is released for public use.

Video Poker Rules

Video Poker is different from the classic table version. You don’t play against other players, nor do you have to beat their hands, but simply place a bet on the machine and aim for the hand that will give you the highest payout. At one point, it is a cross between Table Poker and Slot Machines. That is, it requires a certain skill, or at least the illusion of it, which makes it more challenging than slots. That is why the rules of Video Poker differ from those of the other two games.

In any case, learning to play video poker is very simple. To start, you have to put money into the slot machine. This activates the game. The cards are selected by a random value generator inside the machine and will appear on the screen; that is where the game is seen and played.

Five Card Poker is the most common variant, but there have been other variations, such as Seven Card Stud, that have also been introduced. However, they are not as famous as the five-card stud option. There is no dealer’s hand and no other players to compete against, you simply play your cards against the point system the machine has for the different hands.

Cards are dealt on the screen and all winning hands are exchanged for credits which can then be converted to cash or re-bet. When the player receives his cards, he can draw one or more cards to try to improve his hand, or keep the cards he has if he feels it is good enough to win.

Card values are the same as in poker. The Ace can be classified as high or low, depending on the cards dealt. Then there are the numbers 1 to 10 followed by Prince, Queen and King.

You will receive credits based on the value of your hand and the amount of your bet. So the better your hand, the more credits you will receive. The credit system appears at the top of the machine and each machine has its own variant. The most famous is the one where credits are given for a pair of Princes or more. Before you start playing, make sure you are familiar with the machine’s credit system and overcooking affects the payouts.

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