6 Tips for choosing the Best Casino for online gambling

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Tricks to choose Online Casino

Whether you are a new player or have decided to open your eyes and change your online casino games provider, we are going to give you several tips and advice to help you choose the best casino.

Of course, there is no best casino, but a casino that suits your personal needs, but to start with you can get acquainted with the most popular online casinos. In this website you can see some of the most important ones and read their reviews and recommendations.

Check their Security

One of the most important points to consider when choosing what your online casino will be is that the casino is reliable, especially considering that you are going to bet money.

There are many casino websites but not all of them are reliable so you should not be carried away only by the succulent welcome jackpots they offer you: first you should check if that gambling operator is safe.

To do this, there are several ways to corroborate the reliability of a Spanish online casino operator:

Check that it has a license issued by the Spanish General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming: if it doesn’t have one, it means that the casino doesn’t have legal permission to operate. That a casino has an official license issued by the DGOJ implies that if you have to claim, you can do it to this organism that is independent and watches over the security of the Spanish players and gamblers. Besides, this guarantees that the casino in question has a random number generator, which ensures that there are no tricks or numbers with more possibilities than others. You can see the list of legal operators or check if one in particular is part of the DGOJ by clicking here.

Make it https: https protocols are “the secure version of http” and indicate that transfers made on the web are secure. They are mainly used by banks, online shops and other services that require the sending of personal data and/or passwords. When you enter the casino it should display a “https://” before its web address. If this does not appear on the home page or when you have already logged in, it is not 100% secure.

Look for the identifying logos of safe play: Spanish online casino websites usually hang the logos of the prizes and/or other seals of quality in the footer of the same. It is especially important to check the veracity of these badges.

Look for other users’ opinions: another way to check the reliability of an online casino operator is to look for testimonials and references from other players in forums and other Internet sites. However, it is necessary to be careful and to know how to discern complaints or hidden advertising comments from some fake players who only want to sink a page or make it known; for this purpose we recommend you to listen to the opinions of users who already have a reputation (number of comments and seniority).

Diversity of Games

Before you start playing at an online casino and see what it offers, you have to ask yourself what games you like to play and what types of bets you are interested in.

If, for example, you are interested only in online slot games, it won’t be important for you that the casino website has a great variety of other games, but it will be more important that it has a great variety of slots and that it has some of them on which you bet to get a progressive jackpot (if you are interested in this type of game).

Payment Methods

We already advised you in the article on how to choose a gambling website, but this point is equally valid and important for choosing a casino website to play on: check that the payment method you prefer is available on the websites you like best.

For security reasons, many people prefer not to use credit or debit cards but other systems such as Paypal or wallet cards that can be recharged.

In all online casino websites there is a section where you can find information about payment methods, or they have their logos at the bottom of the website.

Customer service

Another factor to take into account when choosing an online casino is that the customer service is in Spanish, is fast and available 24 hours or at least during the hours when you are likely to play.

If you are going to play at night, a customer service that has office hours will be of little use to you.

Look at the options they have to contact them (is it a free or a paid phone? email, chat, facebook…). If you have trouble finding the customer service telephone number on their website, it is a sign that they are not very interested in being contacted about an incident.

Vouchers and Promotions

The welcome bonus is usually the most tempting treat on Spanish casino websites, as it is a bonus that can double or even triple your initial deposit. However, it is a bonus with specific conditions: in order to redeem it for money in your bank account you will have to bet double or triple the value of the bonus, so it is important to check the small print of the conditions.

In addition to the welcome bonus, there are many other bonuses and promotions to consider.

We recommend you not to be blinded by this bonus, to consult its conditions, and to take into account the other tips for choosing online casino that we have given you.

App or Responsive version

If you prefer to play from your mobile or tablet, it is important that the online casino website you want to play with has an app version with all or at least the most popular games. Or at least a mobile version that works smoothly.

You can read comments about how it works (in the Apple Store or Google Play, if it is for an app), and try playing for free or with a very low investment to see how it works, before making a significant income.

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